Elopement on Chaloklum Beach

Katie & Stampie


Katie & Graham got hitched on Chaloklum beach.



Ceremony Venue


From Katie & Stampie

Special. That’s what we all want our weddings to be, right?

We might all want different types of special though. That’s where Nadine comes in.

I can only comment on “our” special but I’m pretty darn sure she’d sort just about anything that anyone wanted. We had such a wonderful vibe from Nadine from the start and it followed all the way through. Super special day.

We had James as our celebrant and he was just Wonderful too. Kerry took just amazing pictures for us. We all had a good laugh that’s for sure. Very well organised at the same time as being relaxed.

Thank you, Nadine and your team and James for making our special day very special.

Kerry, you captured our love and joy perfectly.

We highly recommend Nadine and all her advice and recommendations.


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